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Frozen shoulder Treatment in Homeopathy

Frozen shoulder Treatment in Homeopathy


Frozen Shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition of shoulder in which shoulder limits its movement.  In this condition shoulder joint become more thick and tighter and another scar tissue develops around joint that limits the movement of shoulder joint due to the less space for the movement of the joint. With time shoulder become immobile and little movement costs a lot of pain.

What are the Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder?

The main and most common symptoms included pain in shoulder that gets worse on least movement. With frozen shoulder you may have achy and dull pain in one shoulder of you. There might be a sensation as if a number of muscles have been wrapped around your shoulder. This sensation can be felt in the upper arm and pain can be worse in the night that makes it difficult to sleep. Common symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness and shoulder joint doesn’t move properly. This condition is more common in person ages 40-60 years.


We can understand the process of frozen shoulder in three phases.

First stage (Freezing Stage)

In this stage you may suffer with following conditions.

  • Pain start in the arm that get worse on the least movement of shoulder
  • It might get more painful gradually and mostly at night it can get more worse and its patient feels it difficult to sleep.
  • This condition can be continue for total period of 6-9 months can

Second stage (Frozen stage)

  • Pain does not get more worse
  • Pain started to decrees gradually at this stage
  • Stiffness of shoulder remain as it is
  • It can continue for 4-6 months with restriction of the movement of shoulder

Third Stage (Thawning)

  • Shoulder starts to move with little ease
  • Eventually movement starts to normal level
  • Pain may fade but recur sometimes
  • This can happen between six months to 2 years

More than 90 percent people experience these stages and frozen shoulder can be cured on its own without any sort of treatment. But it may take a period of 3 years.

What are the Causes of Frozen shoulder?

To know the causes of frozen shoulder first we need to know the structure of shoulder.

Our shoulder is made by three bones. The shoulder blade, collar bone and, upper arm bone which is also called humerus.

Our shoulder is a ball and socket joint. Which means that there is a socket at very edge of shoulder and arm bone fits into it as the ball fits in a socket. The round head of humerus fits into this socket.

There is connective tissue which is also called as capsule of shoulder, surrounds the shoulder joint. A synovial fluid is a liquid that is present in the joint which make the movement possible.

Frozen shoulder thought to be form when a scar tissue starts to become around the shoulder  joint. This causes the shoulder capsule to get tighter and thicker, due to which space for movement get vanish. Movement of shoulder becomes painful and restricted.




It is not clear why this happens but it is most commonly seen in females than males. A specific age group from 40-50 years of age are at high risk of getting frozen shoulder.

People that are getting recovery from previous illness might be at higher risk to suffer from it as if you are recovering from stroke of mastectomy that keeps immobility of your arm.

Besides this certain medical conditions like diabetes is also linked with frozen shoulder. There are 10-20% chances that people with diabetes are on higher risk to suffer from frozen shoulder,

People suffering from heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease and thyroid troubles can also suffer from frozen shoulder.

Usually weak immune system, hormonal imbalance and diabetes are common factors of frozen shoulder. However long time inactivity due to surgery or injury can cause frozen shoulder.


A physical exam can be sufficient to diagnose frozen shoulder. By checking the movement of shoulder associated with pain shows the intensity of disease. During the active part of examination you will be asked to move your arm on your own and the physician checks the status of pain and discomfort that you may feel. During passive part of physical exam your physician make your shoulder move by himself to check the site of pain.

In some cases doctors use an anesthetic to numb the pain from your shoulder so that he can properly judge the range of motion during active and passive part of examination.

Usually a physical exam is considered enough to diagnose the frozen shoulder, but in some cases doctor can ask you for MRI, X-ray or ultrasound to rule out the arthritis or rotator cuff that can cause pain in shoulder with restricted movement.


Except symptoms an MRI or X-ray of shoulder is required for the proper diagnosis.  Physical therapy and medications are necessary for treatment of frozen shoulder.

How we can prevent frozen shoulder?

Most commonly seen that frozen shoulder is often linked with injury. If one gets any injury and feels restriction of movement of shoulder joint then he should visit the doctor immediately to ask for exercises to improve mobility of joint.

Doctor can suggest the better treatment option to prevent further damage to muscle and formation of scar by exercises or medication.

What can be expected if frozen shoulder left untreated?

Frozen shoulder can be improved within maximum period of 3 years on its own without any treatment. But medicines and exercise can speed up the recovery and its patient can get better sooner than expected.

How Is a Frozen Shoulder Treated?

You can leave a frozen shoulder untreated, but the pain and stiffness can remain for up to three years. A combination of the following can speed up your recovery:

  • physical therapy
  • medication
  • surgery
  • home care

Treatment on our clinic:

On our clinic many patients have been cured with well-chosen Homeopathic medicine on the basis of totality of symptoms. As pain aggravation on raising arm or moving forward, better on rest or immobility or continuous movement. Every patient has different medicine as the variation of symptoms.


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